Rise of the Runelords 3.75


All in a day's work

After strengthening their resolve, the Heroes of Sandpoint rode north to assault the goblin lair at Thistletop and stop Nualia and her gang before their dark plans could come to fruition. They were joined by a half-orc named Karrnath – a surprisingly charismatic fellow who shone with the ‘touch of destiny’. Karrnath had previously been a traveling companion of Durgrim and Tellorn, as they made their way west from Korvosa.

The party switfly traveled the Lost Coast Road until reaching the Thistle River, which cuts through the overgrown Nettlewood. They cleverly employed a magical Swan Boat, procured by the always-prepared Aable, to follow the river to the sea, thereby avoiding the stinging underbush of the wood.

Imagine their dismay upon realizing that the island that is home to Thistletop is, in fact, a curious and obviously unnatural formation rising almost 80 feet above sea level and completely unscalable! Undaunted by this unexpected challenge, the noble adventurers sought a passage upwards through a sea cave in the cliff face, but only managed to disturb an unusual sea predator in its lair. They had only barely enough time to watch it feed on a hapless goblin, dropped down a chute by its tribe-mates, as they fled to safer ground at a small beach nearby.

From there, these hearty souls managed to scale the sea cliffs unharmed and then sought a pathway through the nettles to the rope bridge beyond. Within the nettle-warrens, they encountered goblins, goblin dogs and the tribe’s spiritual leader, Gogmurt. He was handily defeated, despite his druid mastery of the terrain and his life was graciously spared in exchange for his (somewhat unwilling) assistance.

The group made their way safely across the trapped rope bridge and through the initial goblin guardians to the fort and then quickly found the stairwell and descended to the floor below. It was there that the heroes defeated each of Nualia’s henchmen and captured Tsuto alive, their nemesis from the Glassworks, to return to stand trial as Ameiko had requested.

Making their way even further into the dungeon, they uncovered a secret entrance that led to a much older lower level and, ultimately, to their encounter with Nualia. After narrowly avoiding a vicious blade trap, the party found itself battling the fierce would-be fiend in a bottlenecked situation. However, after several dangerous and frustrating moments, the monk, Tellorn, was able to improve the tactical situation and allow his comrades to aid more effectively.

With Nualia’s threat ended, the group explored further and survived a harrowing enounter with shadows in an ancient crypt before discovering an abandoned, partially sunken treasure room. Although much of what was once valuable was ruined by the years, they were able to recover a respectable sum, including a giant-sized bronze and gold helmet that had recently housed a giant hermit crab that they had to defeat for the right to claim the treasure.

With the Kaijitsu family honor served and the immediate menace to Sandpoint neutralized, the five returned as triumphant heroes ready to spend heard-earned gold and enjoy some well-deserved rest!


Our Second Adventure: Aable’s Deadly Tip

Part I: Funeral and Attire

Dear readers, I have decided to grace my diary with a series of titles. I think these titles add some ‘pluck’ that future readers may very well enjoy! Ok, onward and upward…

Our day started on a sad note. We, the newly formed ‘Heroes of Sandpoint’, attended the funeral of Ameiko’s father. I was a bit forlorn – my clothes, though decent, did not correctly contrast with the grand cathedral. Mental note: I must update my wardrobe! I was a bit scandalized by the attire of my fellow heroes. I think the dwarf does not have a change of clothes! And, I am pretty sure he has never taken off said clothes in order to wash them, etc. Durgrim, our dwarf, professes to be a ranger (right!), so perhaps his untidiness allows him to better blend with nature? Our monk, Tellorn, thankfully, wrapped a cloak around his mostly naked body. Every time I am around him, his nakedness shames me a bit. Granted, he is a fierce-some fighter…it is just that he possess a male ‘stripper’ quality to him. Perhaps I should have a word with him? Surely he must know that most people do not walk around with a simple loin cloth and a vest? Alonian, our lust cleric, was finely attired for the funeral. Simply dashing :)

The funeral, was, for the most part, uneventful. Words were said, prayers uttered, etc. Thankfully, our dwarf did not pass out when we had to kneel for a couple of minutes.

Our dapperly dressed Elven maiden whispered some sweet sounding condolences to Ameiko, who (I think) blushed with pleasure. Boy, our Elf sure knows what to say at all occasions!

Part II: Questing for Goblins and a Wagon

Danger still threatens our dear town of Sandpoint. Evidence secured during the raid on the glasswork factory suggested that the Thistletop goblin settlement the likely location of Ameiko’s brother, Tsuto, Nualia, his demon possessed lover, and any other evil doers. The Heroes of Sandpoint quickly hatched a plan to assault Thistletop and ‘play havoc’ upon the goblins and their evil overlords.

Luckily for the party, I am a great ‘event planner’. Whereas other members of the party poured over our region’s map, debating over a land or sea route, I dedicated my time and a substantial amount of resources (uncompensated, I may add) to procuring the bacon! That’s right, if our party was to assault a settlement, a certain amount of logistics have to be arranged.

I procured, thanks to some wonderful Halfling friends/merchants (you will always find Halflings in every mercantile sector – wheeling and dealing), a trim wagon, a couple of ponies, a cook, a personal assistant, and one month’s supply of food. This ensemble package would allow us to siege, if necessary, Thistletop.

I was almost moved to tears (thankfully, we Halflings are made of sterner stuff) when my fellow party members thanked my organizational ‘foresight’. The dwarf marveled at the pony keg I purchased on his behalf. The beer was of a substandard quality – but the dwarf was already three sheets to the wind, how would he know?

So, the Heroes and Sandpoint, coupled with an overstuffed Halfling wagon, ventured out of Sandpoint and towards our destiny!

Part III: Thistletop

Our trip through the farming communities towards Thistletop was uneventful…

Part IV: Thistletop

Our quest through Thistletop was rather eventful! More of my daring exploits (I am the party’s most deadly killer) later…


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