Rise of the Runelords 3.75

Adventure at the Glassworks

Glass and Wrath

The town of Sandpoint seemed to be recovering quickly from the frightening goblin raid of the Swallowtail Festival. Sherriff Belor Hemlock felt that this was not just because of the Heroes’ swift actions on that day, but their continued presence and interaction with the population. Belor asked them to remain in town, and visible, for the next few days, while he traveled to Magnimar to request additional troops to help defend the town against further attack.

The newly formed group took to exploring the town, meeting, greeting (and occasionally, bedding) some of the population of Sandpoint. After a gruesome encounter with a goblin commando that had been trapped in a crawl space since the invasion, the heroes returned to The Rusty Dragon Inn, only to find that the proprietor, Ameiko Kaijitsu, had gone missing. The only clue to her whereabouts was a note, written in the language of her parent’s homeland – Minkai. The note was penned by her brother, Tsuto Kaijitsu, and invited Ameiko to meet him at the family business, the Kaijitsu Glassworks.

The intrepid adventurers headed to the Glassworks, only to find the business locked down tight with windows covered and boarded from the inside. After venturing inside, they came face to face with a pack of gleefully murderous goblins who had murdered the workers and ransacked the production floor. Even more horribly, Lonjiko Kaijitsu, the patriarch of the family had been murdered and his body posed grotesquely and encased in glass. Tsuto was here as well, apparently in league with the goblins, but he fled when his goblin minions were handily defeated.

In the basement of the facility, they stumbled upon the bound and gagged and barely concious Ameiko, who had rejected her brother’s offer to join him and his cohorts in further raids on Sandpoint. They were able to recover Tsuto’s personal notes and diary, that indeed hinted at dark days ahead for the town, led by the machinations of his disturbing, demon-obsessed girlfriend, Nualia.

They also uncovered an old smuggler’s tunnel that connected with an ancient underground complex. Within this ‘dungeon’, the party encountered several horrific monsters with unnaturally long arms ending in three-fingered talons and legs that bent like those of a dog. A writhing network of bulging veins formed dark blue patterns underneath the creatures’ pallid skin and their lower mandibles split in half at the chin creating a repulsive insect-like maw.

At the heart of this underground complex, the party encountered, and eventually defeated, a somewhat insane female quasit who apparently created the horrible creatures from a mysterious, bubbling magical pool.

After reviewing Tsuto’s notes, it became clear that Nualia and her unnamed companions were directing the activities of the goblins and were bent upon the destruction of Sandpoint. Nualia herself seems to be pursuing a demonic transformation, possibly with the aid of a mysterious being referred to as ‘Malfeshnekor’.

The only way the Heroes of Sandpoint can hope to stop her is to travel to the goblin stronghold at Thistletop and strike decisively at her forces, before they can mount another attack.


This is fantastic!

Adventure at the Glassworks

Part I – Arrival at Sandpoint

Wow! This has been one of the most epic days, EVAR! I can’t even begin to describe what has happened in the past twelve or so hours. Ok, here goes:

Diary, as you well know, I recently left home (and mum) in search of ‘high adventure’. With little else to go on, I chose to travel to the sleepy town of Sandpoint – where their annual Swallow Tale festival provided free drinks and food (and coin).

Well, I had just settled into the town, tasting the local treats, etc, when I sighted the most beautiful eleven maiden. She had a scrumptious face, luscious lips, and…what an ass! As I was dwelling over my exquisite find, suddenly a great ruckus erupted…

Goblins attack! No really, a band of nasty goblins piled into the town and confronted many of the town residents.

Now, I was standing in the middle of the town square, ogling said pretty Elven bait, as scores of vile goblins swarmed into the town. It seemed that only a few of us ‘town folk’ possessed any weapons, as villagers scattered, pigs scurried, and goblins feasted their knives into human flesh! The horror…

Immediately, I realized that the Eleven maiden at fled into the very arms of two monstrous goblins. Giving a hero’s cry, I sallied into battle, unleashing ‘whodunit’, my trusty rapier, upon the two goblins. In mere seconds I had vanquished the beasts and rescued the pretty maiden.

Part II – “Dude looks like a maiden”

I was shocked, shocked I tell you, when I found out that this Elven maiden turned out to be a dude! I mean, really, they all look so effeminate. Though, the elf was still overexerted from the melee – s/he even had a pretty rapier – the elf thanked my timely intervention and introduced his/her self to me. In a high, lilting voice, Alonian (come on, how is that not a babe’s name) recommended that we commence battle against the hordes of goblins, and we joined the battle, side by side.

At first blush it seemed the town of Sandpoint was hopelessly overrun. I saw only a few town guard and they were fiercely outnumbered. Lucky for them, other heroes, newly arrived to Sandpoint, joined the fray!

An ugly dwarf and a half naked human joined the battle against evil. The drunken dwarf, who equipped with bow and axe, slew a mighty number. The half naked man, fighting only with his fists, swept across the battlefield with great celerity, pummeling goblins with precision.

I wish not to tarry with morbid battle details, for war is a man’s affair. I say, with no small measure, that the goblin leader – a sorcerer, no less, was slain by yours truly!

Within thirty minutes, banded together by fate and skill, we four secured the town center from the beasty goblins. We saved Sandpoint!

Part III – To the Spoils, the Victors

With Sandpoint secured, we four mighty warriors took time to properly introduce ourselves. The half naked boxer turned out to be the monk, Tellorn. (Psst – I think he gots some elf in him! ) The Elven maiden was the aforementioned Alonian, Priest of Calistria. (Psst – that is the god of lust.) Durgrim the dwarf is just that – Durgrim the dwarf. (Psst – I noticed that this dwarf, unlike the warrior dwarfs the bards sing of, does not charge into battle. Rather, he shoots with a bow. How odd!) Regardless, despite the questionable gender of the elf, the questionable sobriety of the dwarf, and the questionable parentage (I’m just sayin) of the Monk, we now formed a cohesive party – tied together in defense of the town of Sandpoint!

With the town safe, we four scouted the town, seeking to slay any stray goblins. We passed by the Rusty Dragon, the White Deer, Two Knight Brewery, the Town Hall, the House of Blue Stones, Pixies’ Kitten, The Way North, the Red Dog Smithy, Lava’s Armory, the Goblin Squash Stables, the Garrison, The Feathered Serpent, Bottled Solutions, and the Curious Goblin. This prosperous town seemed to have a shop for every need – even carnal ones!

As heroes, news of our valiant defense of Sandpoint quickly spread about town. We were treated as liberators; tankards were hoisted in our name, etc. We quickly accepted the kindly offer to stay at the Rusty Dragon Inn. The innkeep, Ameeko Hijestso, was quite pretty and spoke affectionately with me. With the past day a flurry of action, I crept up to bed a bit earlier than the others – we Halflings need our fourteen hours of sleep. After all, I missed my morning and afternoon nap.

(Psst – I do not wish to gossip but I heard a malicious rumor about the maiden, er dude, Alonian. It seems that the Elven priest may have bedded a retarded girl, prior to the hostilities. I do hope that this is not true. Such shame…)

Adventure at the Glassworks

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