he secrets of the Runeforge revealed exceptional power, while underscoring the depravity of the Runelords and their servants. Golarion faces great evil indeed if any of the Runelords are able to reawaken into the world.

The fabled city of Xin-Shalast, a realm where the streets are said to be paved with gold and awash in blood, awaits hidden high within the Kodar Mountains. The seers can only say that Xin-Shalast sits out of phase with the rest of Golarion, so far above mortals that it touches another world.

Few brave souls have ever dared to seek out the city, despite its storied riches, unwilling to brave the hazards at the world’s roof or perhaps unable to survive encounters with its denizens. Yet it must be sought, for Karzoug stirs in his slumber and soon the shadow of greed will fall across the land if he cannot be stopped.

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Rise of the Runelords 3.75

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