Varisia has been wild for thousands of years, inhabited only by the barbarian tribes of the Shoanti and the nomadic Varisians, both races survivors of the fall of Thassilon. Almost 300 years ago, Varisia came to the attention of expansionist Cheliax who marched into the region and drove the war-like Shoanti into the Cinderplains in the northeast.

Modern Varisia is a region of conflict, a strip of frontier laid against the land of barbarians and giants to the northeast – the Storval Rise. Although no central government controls Varisia, three city-states have emerged, each of which could some day soon claim control over the region. The eldest and largest of these, and the de facto capital, is Korvosa, a city of Chelish loyalists but ruled by its own monarchy. The second largest city in Varisia is cosmopolitan Magnimar, which flourishes while Korvosa stagnates in its adherance to traditional Chelish values. Further to the north, at one end of the Lost Coast Road lies Riddleport, an ideal destination for those who find law of any sort oppressive.

The wilderness of Varisia is liberally peppered with colossal Thassilonian ruins, many of which are overrun by barbarian tribes of humans or monsters that now claim them as their own.

Eando’s Compleat Adventurer’s Guide to Varisia makes particular mention of several locations including: the dwarven stronghold of Janderhoff and the mythical elven city of Celwynvian within the Mierani Forest.


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