Seven Swords of Sin

Ancient artifacts, the Seven Swords of Sin were created by the Runelords as the embodiment of the sins they each personified. Each sword has unique characteristics, although all but the Lust sword (and Greed, which was spirited away) lie dormant right now.

Here is an accounting of the swords and what is known about them:

Asheia, Sword of Lust (active) +2 Merciful Longsword. Continuous Heroism effect (as per the spell) on the wielder. Each time this sword hits, it casts Charm Monster on the creature struck (DC 20 Will save negates). On a confirmed critical, it casts Dominate Monster instead (DC 25 Will negates). Only one creature can be controlled in this way at one time. If a new creature becomes charmed or dominated, the previous target is released.

Chellan, Sword of Greed (active) Golden scimitar – taken by an armored woman bearing the Rune of Greed after its awakening at Kaer Maga.

Garvok, Sword of Wrath (dormant) +3 Flaming Burst greatsword. The wielder gains the benefits of the Improved Sunder feat, even if he does not meet the prerequisites. Garvok acts as a +5 Flaming Burst sword during a Sunder attempt. (SR does not apply to any of this weapon’s abilities)

Shin-Tari, Sword of Sloth (dormant) Short sword.

Tannaris, Sword of Envy (dormant) +2 Defending bastard sword that functions as a Rod of Absorption. On a successful critical, the weapon casts Mage’s Disjunction at the targeted creature. (SR does not apply to any of this weapon’s abilities)

Baraket, Sword of Pride (dormant) +2 Spell Storing rapier. The bearer of this sword is the target of a continuous Disguise Self spell. The appearance of the disguise is only limited by the imagination of the bearer and changing the disguise is a standard action. Additionally, the weapon causes the bearers’ vestments and/or armor, as well as possessions (excluding itself) to have the Glamered quality while worn or carried (as per the armor special ability). The glamered appearance is limited only by the imagination of the bearer and can be changed as a move-equivalent action. Lastly, the bearer may activate a Persistent Image as a swift action to ‘enhance’ their appearance (faint smell of roses, shimmering halo of light, etc). The Persistent Image stays with the bearer while she moves as a continuous effect. When any of these illusions are active, the bearer receives a +5 bonus to Intimidate, Bluff and Diplomacy skill checks. Saves to see through these illusions are made at a +10, if the effect is humble, non-descript or unflattering (GM’s discretion). Each of these effects can be suppressed as an immediate action, are not subject to Spell Resistance and may be used at will. On a successful critical, the sword casts Phantasmal Killer (as per the spell) at the target (Will DC 25 to disbelieve, Fort DC 25 partial – see spell text). The wielder is immune to the effects of the spell if the target saves and the illusion is turned back, although he can be affected normally by Phantasmal Killer from another source.

Ungarato, Sword of Gluttony (dormant) Falchion.

Seven Swords of Sin

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