Sandpoint is a small, but growing coastal town located on the Lost Coast Road roughly 50 miles northeast of Magnimar. The larger area is known as Varisia, a wild frontier region dotted liberally with the colossal, and often magical, ruins of an ancient civilization known as Thassilon.

The fog from the Varisian Bay rolls back to reveal farmlands, modest fishing operations and the occasional manor house several miles before travelers reach Sandpoint itself. The Lost Coast road is more regularly maintained in this area, with small wooden or stone bridges providing easier passage over rivers and creeks. From the south, the entrance to Sandpoint is a wooden bridge that spans the Turandarok River. From the north, a low, stone wall with a one-man gatehouse marks the entrance to the town.

Hanging from a bent nail at both the gatehouse and the southern bridge is a sign above a small mirror – painted on each sign is the message: “Welcome to Sandpoint! Please stop to see yourself as we see you!”

Outside of town, nearby Varisians are most likely to have heard of the following Sandpoint locations: the recently completed Sandpoint Cathedral, the Kaijitsu Glassworks, the ancient lighthouse ruin known as the Old Light, the famed Two Knight Brewery and the massive playhouse called simply The Sandpoint Theatre.

The population of Sandpoint consists primarily of humans from nearby Cheliax or the nomadic Shoanti people. There are a few representatives of each of the other civilized races (elves, half-elves, half-orcs, dwarves, halfings and gnomes) who make their home here.

In recent months, the town has been the lucky to have the protection of The Sandpoint Five, a band of heroes who just happened to be in the right place at the right time and were able to answer destiny’s call.


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