According to the texts beneath Jorgenfist, Karzoug, the Runelord of Greed, was a powerful wizard known for his calculating mind and utter mercilessness. His weapon of rule was a burning glaive, studded with priceless meteoric gemstones and his domain was known as Shalast.

Karzoug warred bitterly with Alaznist, the Runelord of Wrath. Their shared border, now the area along the Lost Coast Road saw the rise of the Hellfire Flume and mighty magical statues of Karzoug himself, each keeping the other at bay.

There were statues of Karzoug in Thistletop and a permament image in that dungeon appeared to show him delivering final orders to his agents.

The stone giant Mokmurian discovered a way to contact Karzoug in some sort of magical hibernation and was immediately enslaved to act out his will upon Varisia. You believe that it was Karzoug’s voice that taunted you while you were dreaming.


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