Important Stuff Summary

Not all of this is truly important, but here’s a summary of what has been encountered so far:
  • Goblin tribes banded together and attacked Sandpoint at the direction of a former resident: Nualia.
  • Nualia was an Aasimar, obsessed with becoming demonic and a priestess of Lamashtu.
  • Nualia had a couple of items with the seven-pointed Sihedron Rune on them, including a medallion now carried by the party.
  • Beneath the goblin fortress, an ancient Thassilonian complex contained treasure and a bound GreaterBarghest named Malfeshnekor.
  • The first level of the complex had a temple to Lamashtu.
  • The second, deeper level of the ancient complex had multiple statues of a man holding a book and wielding a glaive. The book in the statues had the seven-pointed star motif on the cover.
  • About 5 years ago, Sandpoint dealt with a serial killer, nicknamed ‘Chopper’, who turned out to be an old hermit who had built his home on top of an ancient chamber devoted to some sort of horrific bird-demon.
  • Prior to joining the party, Karnnath stumbled upon an ancient Thassilonian scroll that appears to be part 2 of 2. Although you have a translation, it is still not clear what it refers to.
  • Alonian has seen an out of town patron of the Pixie’s Kitten covering up a tattoo of the seven-pointed star and he seemed reluctant to speak about it. One of the girls said that he is a regular visitor from Turtleback Ferry.
  • Aldern Foxglove, a Sandpoint noble, apparently murdered his wife after being driven insane by his haunted family mansion. Not too long after, he became a Dread Ghoul and began selectively murdering Sandpoint residents. Two of his known victims were found with the seven-pointed star carved into their flesh. They did not rise again as ghouls, although several other, unmarked, victims did.
  • Aldern had a note with clues to follow which ultimately led the party to a Lamia Matriarch named Xanesha in Magnimar. Her note indicated that the greed in Aldern’s victims’ souls would “go to waste” without proper performance of the Sihedron ritual and ‘would do her master no good’.
  • A surprisingly well-organized group of ogres and ogrekin attacked Ft Rannick, north of TurtleBack Ferry. They were led by an ambitious ogre warlord named Jagrath Kreeg, but further research of the ransacked fort indicate that Kreeg was acting under the orders of a giant named Barl Breakbones.
  • Skull Dam, an ancient Thassilonian structure, was being weakened by a team of Kreeg’s ogres, probably in attempt to flood Turtleback Ferry. Inside, the dam was found to be powered through ancient magics by a decimated pit fiend named Avaxial (and his unfortunate, departed companion). Before he was released by the party, Avaxial was able to reveal the name of the one who had imprisoned him: Karzoug.
  • The raid of Fort Rannick was organized by stone giants housed to the north at Hook Mountain. Their leader, Barl Breakbones, was himself working for another stone giant, named Mokmurian. Breakbones’ orders seemed to involve wreaking havoc and forging weapons to supply an army somewhere to the east.
  • Breakbones was working with a lamia housed within the ruins of Kaer Maga who had collected, and begun the process of awakening, the Seven Swords of Sin. As the party attempted to stop her, they encountered a very powerful woman, clad in ancient, heavy armor, who bore the rune of Greed upon her cheek. The lamia had already awakened, and was wielding, the Sword of Lust and the party observed that after the Sword of Greed was awakened, it was spirited away by the mysterious female figure. The other swords are in your possession now, but lie dormant.

• It is unclear exactly why the stone giants attempted to invade Sandpoint, but it seems that one of their goals had something to do with the Old Light. Upon investigating further, a scroll was found, guarded by a powerful demon, which may be the missing first part to Karrnath’s scroll.

• Following the giant raiding party back to its source, a massive army of disparate giant tribes was discovered at a location known as Jorgenfist, which appears to have been built around an ancient Thassilonian black tower.

• It seems clear that Mokmurian was merely a puppet for this mysterious Karzoug.

• After defeating Mokmurian, the party was able to research several topics in the library at Jorgenfist. Topics researched included: Karzoug, runelords, Emperor Xin, Runeforge,Xin-Shalast, rune magic and Lissala.


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