A mighty and dashing hafling orator, Aable possess both allure, grit, and sass!


Born in the ‘Shadows’ of Magnimar a mere twenty some years ago, Aable is but one of three fierce children of Abigauld Frienzed, a Halfling baker and sometime member of the Gargoyles – a loosely affiliated thief’s guild.

Aable’s other brothers (fraternal triplets – it is a Halfling thing) include: Bable, a ‘wild’ warrior; and Cable, a feisty warlock.

Aable, Bable, and Cable are from mostly unknown parentage. Abigauld, the mother, continues to insist, after a few bottles of Magnimar’s finest (bottom shelf) brandy, that their father is the notable and fabled assassin sailor – code named, Sassy.

Sassy, it was rumored, made a lucrative living, plying his trade in Magnimar’s shadowy maritime, smuggling trade. On contract, Sassy would infiltrate rival smuggler’s vessels and maim/kill his target. Sassy disappeared ten years ago…some say Sassy really was a prince from a far away land, banished for some unknown deed (that is why is magical rapier could talk).

Aable decided to leave Magnimar and his family residence in the ‘Shadow’ when he unknowingly came into the possession of the Lord-Mayor’s signet ring. Aable was seen showing off his new ‘find’ without realizing the significance of such a display. When cornered, questioned, and briefly detained (Aable pretended to go into seizures and then escaped through an orphanage – disguised as a soiled baby), Aable realized that his fate lie elsewhere.

Also, it was time for Aable to claim his rightful place as heir to Sassy’s kingdom!


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