Rise of the Runelords 3.75

The Secrets of Runeforge

After some puzzling over the two ancient scrolls, the party determined that they would need to head north to Mirror Lake to seek the entrance to Runeforge, although they were unsure about what treasures, and dangers, would await them there.

The ancient circle of stones that guarded the keys to Runeforge had, in recent times, become a part of a white dragon’s territory and the party found themselves in a desperate fight only shortly after convincing the stones to give up their secrets. Baron von Karrnath barely survived a brush with death as the dragon covered the party again and again in its icy breath, but ultimately the heroes triumphed and made their way into the mountain to find the portal to Runeforge.

The ancient magical laboratory was indeed contained within its own demi-plane and it housed many wonders never before seen by mortal eyes. One wing was devoted to each school of sin magic, each displaying the awesome and terrible power of its Runelord’s chosen vice. The efforts of thousands of years of research and vast, ancient resources lay casually within Runeforge’s halls, but retrieving them was not without cost.

The aeons had not been kind to the inhabitants, with petty rivalries and struggles for power taking their toll on the various factions. In fact, only recently before the heroes’ arrival, several of the strongest factions banded together and laid low the Abjurant Halls of Envy and all who dwelt within. Their alliances were shortlived, however, and with their forces divided, the party was able to make short work of each faction in turn.

Of particular interest was the group’s foray into the Halls of Wrath, where Kedrith struck the killing blow on Lady Athroxis, the Warlord of Wrath, and thus became marked with the Rune of Wrath on his forehead.

Information was also gleaned about how the party might find and potentially defeat Karzoug, the way carefully paved by the Seneschal of Pride before madness took his mind and, eventually, his life. In the central Runewell, the source of the Runeforge’s power, our heroes imbued their own weapons with sin magic, particularly Pride and Lust, creating Domineering weapons that they hope will aid in defeating Karzoug and his minions.

Within the ruins of the Halls of Envy, they uncovered a pool of remarkable magic liquid, which they used to awaken the Sword of Sloth and the Sword of Wrath. Now armed with knowledge and weapons, the party has set forth on an expedition into the Kodar mountains to seek out Karzoug in the seat of his power. Can they stop him in time?



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