Rise of the Runelords 3.75

The Secrets of Kaer Maga

Curiouser and curiouser...

After settling in to the fort and beginning the long, arduous process of cleaning and repairing the damage done by the previous inhabitants, another ogre raid forced our heroes to travel far afield to Hook Mountain, to bring an end to the source of these attacks.

After retracing the raiding party’s steps, the ragtag band of adventurers encountered an ancient stone giant stronghold – massive caverns running deep into Hook Mountain itself. Within, they discovered (and slew!) the covey of annis hags responsible for the unseasonal weather and their undead ‘pet’, along with the stone giant general who had directed the original raid on Fort Rannick.

Their victory came at a heavy price though, with brave Erredus slain at the stone giant’s hand, reduced to a mere grease spot on the floor with one mighty blow. The loss is even more tragic, in light of the fact that Erredus’ long lost twin brother, Verredus, was on his way to reunite with his brother and aid him in his struggles.

Also of note within Hook Mountain, the group discovered dozens of ogres enslaved and forced to craft large-sized weapons for several months. There were shipment manifests that indicated the weapons were being sent to supply an army, location unknown, somewhere on the Storval Plateau. Even more disturbing, they encountered a reference to the presence of several very powerful swords being ‘attuned’ by another lamia matriarch within the ancient city of Kaer Maga.

They departed at once and encountered an unusual dungeon winding its way within and beneath the very walls of the city. A variety of disturbing creatures made their home within, all somehow bound by the lamia matriarch at its heart and empowered by the arcane essences that seemed to seep from the very walls.

Upon reaching the heart of the dungeon, they found its mistress in the process of completing a ritual with 7 mystical swords. She was guarded by an armored woman of exceptional skill, whose cheek was branded with the Rune of Greed. With the ritual completed, the armored woman took the freshly awakened sword (of Greed, they would later discern) and teleported away, leaving the matriarch alone to be quickly cut down by the heroes.

Through careful arcane research, the group was able to determine that these swords were, in fact, the legendary Seven Swords of Sin, somehow gathered up from the four corners of the earth. The lamia had only managed to awaken two of the swords, however. Greed, which was taken by the armored woman, and Lust, which is now in the party’s possession. The ritual to unlock the other swords in unclear, but the sorcerer studies diligently, hoping to learn more.

Hidden behind the ritual chamber, the party found a war room, indicating that the swords from Hook Mountain, and the awakened Swords of Sin, were going to be sent to a location known as ‘Jorgenfist’, somewhere in the vicinity of the Storval Deep. Of much more immediate concern, however, was the scrying device that was attuned to watch over Sandpoint, along with battle plans that indicated that a raid of the small town was imminent!


I’ll miss that wee’grease stain’!

The Secrets of Kaer Maga

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