Rise of the Runelords 3.75

Stone Giant Aftermath

Mokmurian’s notes tell the story of a dangerous, outcast stone giant who stumbled upon a source of remarkable power at the expense of his own freewill. After finding the library at Jorgenfist, Mokmurian found a way to contact Karzoug, the ancient Thassilonian Runelord of Greed. It is clear that Mokmurian became completely enslaved at that moment, even while gaining access to ancient and powerful magic.

The army that had been assembling, now dispersed, would serve Karzoug’s will and that will was to free himself from magical stasis and reclaim his former territory, the land now known as Varisia. The souls of those greedy stone giants that died in battle, would directly feed an arcane powersource known as a runewell and hasten Karzoug’s return.

The only thing Karzoug fears, at least according to Mokmurian’s notes, is powerful magic obtained from Runeforge. The nature of that magic is not clear, but Karzoug’s concern about it is palpable, even through the filter of the stone giant’s notes. Karzoug ordered the raid on Sandpoint, not because of anything the small seaside village has to offer, but because he feared that the secret of Runeforge’s location might be hidden somewhere within the ancient Hellfire Flume, resting with a former servant of his who perished there during the cataclysm that ended the Thassilonian Empire.

It appears that the key to defeating Karzoug may lie embedded within the mad ramblings contained within the scroll found beneath Sandpoint…



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