Rise of the Runelords 3.75

Secrets of history await your gaze

Runeforge part 1

The scrolls have, indeed, led the party to Runeforge. Along the way to unlocking its mysteries the Heroes of Sandpoint fought and slew a white dragon named Freezemaw. The battle itself was glorious and although brave (ahem) Karrnath almost shuffled off this mortal coil, the combined might of the party was enough to defeat the dragon as he tried to escape and to pull Karrnath back from the edge of death.

The portal successfully unlocked, the brave heroes stepped across time and distance to Runeforge’s demi-plane to seek out her mysteries and perhaps some clues to the nature of the Seven Swords of Sin.

After slaying all of the inhabitants of the Iron Cages of Lust and the Halls of Wrath, the group made haste for the Shimmering Veils of Pride. There they encountered a variety of challenges and masterfully overcame each of them. Xan, in particular, had a most interesting way of dealing with one of those challenges…

Within the veils, the heroes also uncovered Vraxeris’ Notes which provided some insight into the recent history of Runeforge and, perhaps, some worthy tools to help defeat Karzoug.


Dear Friends, It is good to be among my dearest allies, finally. I had been watching from afar…taking notes, biding my time…

And ho, how I had periodically scryed the Sandpoint Five, watching you folks bumble along your quest! As each obvious clue graced your clod like hands, I sneered (in a nice way, of course) as your feeble minds tried to divine the nature of ancient magic and religion. Finally, my dim wit brother (the fat one – Caable) sleuthed the location of the Runeforge (I guess, I fast forward through the boring plot parts)...et…etc…etc…and so forth.

Now, little did I know that your obvious incompetence (yes, I am looking at you, NPC cleric) would allow my poor brother, Caable, to die. Yes, I know there had been deaths in the past. My favorite :) was when that stupid dwarf was slain by my beefcake brother, Baable. And, the death of Paladin #1 was heart rendering…ok…it was hilarious…in a sad way, of course!

But, how hard could it be to keep Caable alive? He was a spell caster! His fat body was never meant for combat. Why didn’t you fighter types counsel him and explain the D&D facts of life/death?

The kicker, of course, is that even though your NPC cleric can cast ‘Raise Dead’ – you simpletons do not have the necessary spell components. Really? How lame and amateurish!

That is why I decided to grace you twits with my august wizardry (obviously, the half-bugbear was fit only for the minor leagues and kid’s parties). I found it particularly onerous that you people decided to steal most of Caable’s belongings and not relinquish them to me. And you call me ‘evil’? For shame, LG people, for shame…

So, here we stand – knee deep in the Runeforge…the SP5 and the Mighty Eaable (and associates). I swore an oath to keep my brother alive and for that error (outsourcing his ‘life’ to the SP5 was a mistake, in retrospect) – so I shall atone for that error by killing those who snuffed out the life of Caable.

Of course, you people will raise Caable back to life – on your dime (or face a lawsuit, says my attorney). And, you will apologise to Baable for kicking him out of the party. Baable, at heart, is a simple boy, who just wants to be loved! Is that so wrong.

And…and…if something happens to me (and Caable and Baable), please find and release Faable from the drunk tank in Magnimar! You will find Faable to be a quick blade and a loyal companion…sort of.

Secrets of history await your gaze

Ah, the ‘_able Brothers’. No DM can kill just one…

Secrets of history await your gaze

“The problem with Scotland is that there are too many Scots” Edward ‘Longshank’

Secrets of history await your gaze

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