Rise of the Runelords 3.75

Honor the fallen

Gone too soon...

Father Zantus shook his head sadly as he completed his prayer for the souls of the departed. The Heroes of Sandpoint – the original ones anyways – were all gone now. The brave adventurers who had so valiantly defended his beloved seaside town of Sandpoint had met the typical end that awaited most adventurers.

He lit two candles today and as each small flame flared to life he thought about the soul it represented. Although he hadn’t been present at their passing, he had heard the tales through gossip, eyewitness accounts and even an amateur bard song.

First, brave Aable had valiantly (if a bit foolishly) leapt, blade first, at the scrag known as Wet Papa Grazuul. The aquatic troll had been harassing the party from a pool of water within the Thassilonian Skull Dam. Frustrated by their inability to strike at the troll effectively, Aable grabbed his trusty blade, Alonian, and threw himself headlong at Grazuul. His blade struck true, but in response, the scrag sunk his claws into Aable’s tender flesh and ripped him in half. Alas, so much potential, such a noble heart, lost forever.

The second flame flickered weakly for a brief moment before catching hold and burning bright. Ah, Durgrim, we hardly knew ye. The taciturn dwarf had seemed a bit of enigma to the aging priest. His actions had been heroic, at least in a larger sense, but his attitude had been, well…Father Zantalus shook his head again, it was wrong to think ill of the dead. The dwarf, however unusual, had helped to save Sandpoint more than once and he would certainly be missed.

Being slain by a party member, even one suffering from the effects of a Confusion spell was certainly a disappointing end for a hero of any stature. He wondered if poor Baable (Aable’s less cultured sibling) was weighed down with guilt after that incident. Perhaps he should make a point of offering him counseling when (and if) the group came to town again. Even better, perhaps he should consider making the trip to Ft. Rannick when the weather cleared. Yes, a journey and the chance to offer guidance might be just the way to honor the first thaw of spring in a few months.



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