Rise of the Runelords 3.75

Fortress of the Stone Giants

This may hurt a little...

After liberating the Seven Swords of Sin, the gallant heroes rushed to Magnimar to do some much needed shopping and then rushed northward towards Sandpoint hoping to fend off the impending attack. When the party arrived, they alerted the citizenry and immediately began making preparations. Soon, hasty fortifications sprung up around the town and a steady stream of non-combatants began flowing southward towards the relative safety of Magnimar.

At dawn the following day, the harsh thunderclap of stone breaking on stone alerted the town to trouble at the north gate. As the adventurers rushed to aid the soldiers stationed there it became all too clear that the invasion of Sandpoint by a stone giant army had just begun!

Only a handful of giants were assaulting the north gate and the party was dealing with them quite readily, when another, much more menacing, threat soared into view – a red dragon! The draconic menace landed briefly on the cathedral roof (a bit too close to Caable’s perch for comfort) and then began bathing the town in its fiery breath!

Caable strategically withdrew from this perch and concocted a cunning plan, while his companions rushed past to deal with another band of stone giants and their pet dire bears fording the river near the lumber mill. Soon more stone giants began crossing the river further south and it seemed that the plan was to cause mayhem, destroy property and kidnap the good citizens of Sandpoint!

At that moment, one of the river raiders began a mad dash into the heart of Sandpoint, apparently headed for the Old Light. The heroes were hot on his trail, with fiery combat in the skies above, determined not to let him reach his objective.

The combat seemed a bit grim when Verredus and Caable finally wore the red dragon down and slew him as he attempted to retreat. With only a portion of the northern buildings in flames, a few bucket brigades seemed likely to take care of the problem in short order. When right at that moment, a ruckus arose near the Two Knight Brewery. Rushing to investigate, the party handily defeated a pair of stone giants intent on taking one of the most precious treasures of Sandpoint: the last few barrels of Winter Ale!

Just when it seemed that victory was theirs, a plume of smoke arose from the mansions to the south. Some of the group stayed in the main part of town, helping citizens and finishing off the few remaining threats, while the rest travelled south and quickly slew the giants there, who seemed intent on helping themselves to the possessions of Sandpoint’s wealthiest citizens!

At last the battle was won and the townsfolk saved leaving the troupe to ponder why the giants would attack this peaceful settlement in the first place. Each of the defeated giants bore a tattoo of the Sihedron Rune, but none were alive to reveal their secrets.

Some savvy investigation (and a map found on one of the dead raiders) pointed the way towards a mysterious location known as ‘Jorgenfist’, a stone giant stronghold of some sort. Caable hit upon a brilliant plan to teleport the party there to catch them by surprise, before the giants could learn of the defeat at Sandpoint. Undaunted by his lack of knowledge of Jorgenfist’s precise location, or his complete lack of detail surrounding its leader, Mokmurian, Caable attempted to scry on this evil mastermind and gain the information he needed to transport the party safely.

This scrying did not go precisely as planned, but after a slight detour to an unknown island with a massive stone monument of a seated king, the party eventually arrived, in one piece, at the river cliffs (and caves) south of Jorgenfist.

The heroes bravely ventured into those caves, seeking a subterranean entrance to the fortress above…


I am full of ‘cunning’ plans! As to the scrying, you primitive minds have no idea to the complexities of ‘the divination magic’!

Fortress of the Stone Giants

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